Eduardo Rebollar

Born in Seville in 1966.

Is formed as a guitarist at the Academy of Matilde Coral .

In 1985 travels to Canada in the company of a group of Flemish artists accompanying the dancing, singing and solo, initiating and his career.

Start Speaking at flamenco festivals accompanying figures the likes of: José de la Tomasa, Manuel Mairena, Fernanda de Utrera, Calixto Sánchez, Curro de Utrera, Matilde Coral, Farruco, Manuela Vargas Yolanda Lorenzo , etc …

In 1987 it is integrated into the theater group “La Cuadra de Sevilla” Salvador Távora , collaborating in the creation of the flamenco music of the shows: “the Bacchae”, “Lavandula” and “Chronicle of a death foretold” . With this company he traveled throughout Europe and America.

In 1990 was shortlisted for the Young Performers Contest of the Bienal de Sevilla.

Has done some recording projects with singers, including noteworthy that done in Barcelona for the Paralympic Games in that city with the intervention of the soprano Montserrat Caballe .

In 1992 he began working for Diputación de Huelva, teaching guitar in two villages of the province (Manzanilla and Chucena).

In 1996 starts working at the Foundation Flamenco Cristina Heeren , teaching with Calixto Sánchez, José de la Tomasa, Paco Taranto, José Luis Postigo, Manolo Franco, Niño de Pura, Miguel Angel Cortes … which continues today .

In March 1999 he traveled to Miami, accompanying Calixto Sanchez in an International Festival of Flamenco. From this year is demanded by leading figures such as:. Chocolate, José de la Tomasa, Calixto Sánchez, Nano de Jerez , etc.

In 2000 accompanies the winner of the Bienal de Sevilla, Laura Vital , being very prominent their performance and touring Andalucía with the show “Winners biennial 2000 “.

In 2002 involved in several flamenco shows, part of the cast of “To my solitudes I go, of my solitudes come “, with J osé Menese, Laura Vital, Carmen Ledesma and Enrique de Melchor , under the direction of Joan Albert Amargós , and also shows “Portrait Flamenco” and “From the oral tradition and flamenco” under the direction of singer Calixto Sanchez .

In 2004 he began working with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Andalusian in programming “Routes of Flamenco” where an interactive class is taught to learn to distinguish the different styles of flamenco which acts as a lecturer and guitarist, being widely accepted by professionals and the general public. This conference was in Japan in 2005 to mark the Universal Exhibition of Aichi , being chosen one of the best shows, in 2006 was in the Flamenco Festival New York and in the Tourism Fair held in Paris .

In 2004 Bienal de Flamenco, accompanying participates Chano Lobato in a show directed by José Luis Ortiz Nuevo .

The Festival of the Union of 2005 accompanied the winning Gema Jimenez . In this year serves as Professor flamenco guitar at the Conservatory of Music in Cordoba .

In the same year creates your company Performing Arts Rebollar , with which besides being the seat of his space teach guitar, flamenco song and dance, is also the place to create, organize and disseminate flamenco events. This has recording studio where they have created works like: “Altarpiece of the life and passion of Jesus” , where he participated as guitarist and producer, “Young flamingo Foundation Cristina Heeren” , and so on.

He has collaborated with the Foundation Antares in the organization of all flamenco galas she has done since 2007 to 2010, accompanying artists like José de la Tomasa, Archangel, Gema Jimenez, Chano Lobato, Nano de Jerez, Romerito de Jerez, Laura Vital and Yolanda Lorenzo < / strong> among others.

From this year is in demand as a lecturer in many parts of Spain and abroad with his show “Interactive Flamenco Class” .

Has participated in numerous shows and

  • “Crossroads” (2006)
  • “Alreó de la Fragua” (2006)
  • “Homage to La Nina de la Puebla” (2009)
  • “Pastora Eterna” (2009)
  • “Tribute to Chano Lobato” (2010)
  • “Flamenco School Musical” (2010)
  • Shows for Cajasol Foundation aimed at children (2016)
  • Production record for artists like Manuel Marquez Zapatero, Laura Vital, José Luis Rodríguez Ojeda, etc.

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