All in one

We have created a multidisciplinary center in our academy of the hand of young professionals photo enthusiasts and audiovisual materials. In an effort to overcome, the study of photography and video of Performing Arts Rebollar born by the combined talents of different artistic disciplines such as photography, design or video, with extensive experience and excellent results thanks to the dedication that we put to our passion, ART.

We like to feel involved with each project, so our study does not stop to be renewed and evolve. We work with the innovation of the materials and technology, which combined with the creativity and seriousness of our team result in high-quality work with highly competitive prices.

In AER you will find your space. We have areas prepared for meetings and events, and as not, a photographic studio professional for companies and professionals who do not have his own studio or yours leaves small, or also for individuals fans who want to translate their ideas with a professional finish. We have all the material and personnel required to cover your needs, do not hesitate to request information!

We count with 36 square meters and a great versatility for the layout of the spaces, ideal to carry out your projects and ideas with a professional finish and exceptional price. In addition we have flexible schedules to the need of the customer, the schedules are no longer a problem.

We have several services depending on the needs of the client, while it is true that thanks to our versatility, we can adapt our spaces to improve the quality of the final work. We can also put at your disposal supplementary special services such as makeup, Barber, styling, atrezistas, camera operators, illuminators, hostesses… We can even have catering service and waiters to which you do not have to worry about anything in the event of longer sessions.

Do not hesitate to request information if you are in need of some special service to carry out your project, we will be happy to help you find a solution.